“I've been reading Writing for Software Developers and it's SO GOOD. I'm only 70 pages in and I've already learned a ton 💯”

Josh W. Comeau, Author of The Joy of React

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Learn how to craft and publish technical articles with structured advice and expert interviews.

In my first year of writing, I reached 100,000+ readers worldwide, met my heroes, and paid my rent with content. Writing for Software Developers will help you do the same.

Why do you want to write technical content? I started out selling technical articles for less than $100 each but 10X'd my rate in under 2 years. Beyond the direct income, a portfolio of published writing can give you a leg up toward earning a raise, landing a job, or reaching new clients or customers.

Today, I write to learn and to grow as a developer. But I also write to earn money, make connections, and grow my audience.

Writing for Software Developers outlines my own method for writing technical content:

By following the principles in this book, you will become a better writer — and structured practice of quality techniques will help you get there faster.

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Featuring interviews with 11 great writers

Table of contents

  1. Act 1: The Craft

  2. Act 2: The Process in Action


Beyond the book

Free resources to advance your career in technical writing. Get started by finding great community writer programs, publishers, and publications to work with, advance your skills, and connect with other writers who code and coders who write.

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Frequently asked questions

Is this book good for beginning writers?

Yes! Writing for Software Developers takes you through my process, one step at a time, and helps you create and publish your first article.

Is this book good for experienced writers?

Yes! If you have already written and published technical content, you will enjoy the nuances of the eleven expert interviews and extract key insights from the main text.

How much programming experience do you need?

Not as much as you might think. I started writing technical content as a junior in college, less than two years after I started programming. Many of the code examples I used in articles were based on projects that I had worked on much earlier in my journey toward becoming a software engineer.

Is there an audiobook version?

Yes! Your purchase of Writing for Software Developers includes an audiobook version narrated by Griffin Mareske. The audiobook is 6 hours and 35 minutes long and does not include the appendices, images, or code snippets.

Can I share this book with my team?

If you want to share the book with your team, company, or class, please purchase a team license. If you purchase an individual copy, please respect the license terms and do not distribute any copies.

Purchase a team license for $136.

Do you offer purchasing power parity discounts?

Yes, PPP discounts are available! If you live in a country where the cost of living is substantially lower than the United States, you can buy the book at an appropriate discount.

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What if I can’t afford this book?

If you can’t afford the book, I’ll give you a PDF copy for free. I only ask that once you use the skills taught in this book to make money, please come back and buy a copy for a friend.

Request a free copy at philip@wfsd.com.

Is there a refund policy?

I have a 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy. If you don’t like your purchase, let me know and I will refund your money. If you’re not sure if the book is for you, start by reading two sample chapters for free!

I have another question.

Send me an email at philip@wfsd.com.


Hey there! I'm Philip Kiely, author of
Writing for Software Developers.

In Spring 2019, I started writing technical tutorials. After noticing my success publishing tens of thousands of words of technical content, friends and co-workers started asking me how they could do the same. Their interest inspired me to write this book.

I published Writing for Software Developers on May 12, 2020, six days before my virtual college graduation ceremony, where I received a B.A. with honors in computer science from Grinnell College.

Today, I work at Baseten across developer relations, technical content, and documentation. You may have heard me on Code Newbie, Side Hustle School, Software Engineering Radio, or another show. Outside of work, I'm a lifelong martial artist (currently studying Jiu Jitsu), an avid reader, and a dedicated football fan. I currently live in downtown Chicago.

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